You are a shareholder of the company

A shareholder owns the company’s assets. Has rights and duties.

The right to participate in a company’s profits is when the company has made a profit in a given year. The shareholders’ meeting decides how to use the money, can invest it or pay out a dividend. The right of pre-emption to the new shares concerns the permanent shareholders, it entitles them to receive new shares in order not to lose their position in the shareholder.

When a business goes bankrupt, a shareholder is entitled to a portion of the liquidated property. A shareholder has the right to participate in the meeting of the company, may review the documents of the meeting, make requests, cast a vote, deny resolutions and make decisions.

The value of his voice depends on the number of shares of the company. There is also the right to information and voting. It is obligatory to deposit money into the company’s capital.