When your company has too much costs

1. Modern solutions in dealing with clients

Thanks to modern solutions, we currently have the ability to keep track of any changes taking place on the market. In times when time is the most valuable currency, Internet telephony, virtual switchboards and communicators allow you to maintain constant contact with customers. Video- and teleconferences give not only a chance for direct contact with a contractor who is in the other hemisphere, but also for cutting costs associated with business travel.

2. Virtual employee training

It is worth checking out the available trainings within European funds. This can be a particularly good solution for entrepreneurs who do not have the resources to train their staff. For this purpose, it is enough to review the training offers of companies specializing in running them under the account of obtaining a lower price. Thanks to the fact that subsidy in the form of subsidies is transferred to the training company, the entrepreneur can count on a lower fee for the course. You can also bet on virtual training. Networking training does not require delegating an employee to the headquarters of the training company or to another city. The entrepreneur saves the same on the cost of the hotel, tickets or diets.

3. Coworking instead of office

If the entrepreneur does not have the resources to rent his own office, he may think about the solution which is coworking – that is, renting a desk to work in a shared space with other people. Thanks to this, you can get access to fully equipped desks, conference rooms and office equipment. In addition, you can establish business contacts with other entrepreneurs. This solution is definitely cheaper than renting an office. The cost of renting a desk for the whole day is about PLN 35-50, but if we want to have access to the coworking space for a full month, we have to expect an expenditure of about PLN 500-700. Do you plan to start a company and wonder how to reduce the costs of running it? One of the solutions that the modern market offers is coworking. Instead of incurring expenses related to renting an independent office, you can use a common work space. Read on…

4. Second-hand equipment

An appropriate solution for a company may also be the purchase of out-of-the-box or post-leasing equipment. It is an alternative to buying new, often expensive machines. The after-leasing equipment most often comes from corporations, which instead of buying the equipment after the end of the lease agreement, decide to exchange it. However, the devices used so far, return to the leasing company, which sells it at a lower price.

You can also search for equipment that is necessary to work on internet exchanges and advertisement websites. Savings auctions are another way of saving. They are a good opportunity to buy equipment even for half its value. In addition, you can buy almost anything on the auction, from cars to office equipment, industrial machinery or construction.