We looking for a competent financial adviser

A good financial or credit counselor is half the success. We realize that finding a good financial advisor is not easy, especially for people who are unfamiliar with credit and do not know if the offer offered by the advisor is the best for them.

By doing so, you can verify your knowledge by checking your advisor before placing it on our site. In addition, by giving out a customer we can see if it actually offered us the best credit option.

Ask a friend about a counselor. If your friends are happy with your advisor, they will definitely recommend it. It is worth asking whether the financial adviser was always in touch, avoiding phone calls, responding to emails. Then it is worth asking whether the financial advisor reminded them of the delivery of the policy to the bank, reminded them of the delivery of documents to the bank, which was the basis for the bank to stop bridging insurance. Perhaps the acquaintances already have during the repayment of the loan had additional questions – did the counselor help them and he advised. Because a good counselor is not only the one who will help us in getting a good credit, but also one that can rely on after paying the loan – we will always support our knowledge and advise in future welds.

If you have been with a financial adviser and have not raised your trust – feel free to go to another. See what he will offer you and compare offers. If it turns out that the second adviser has proposed better credit terms, do not reproach yourself and let go of the first.

At the meeting, you can confidently ask the counselor who has experience as long as he works. Where did he work earlier? How many loans have been granted so far. In this industry experience is the basis. The advisor who gave 40-50 credits has very little experience. By checking and testing advisors we require a minimum of 200 credits. On average, the advisors gave 500 credits, and the record holders of over 1200 credits and have a dozen or so years of experience – this guarantees that the advisor has dealt with various, often untypical cases and is able to advise reliably, also after paying off the loan.

You can ask for recommendations. Your solicitor will not give you a phone call to your satisfied clients, but you can contact the real estate agent or the developer you work with – you can get the language and ask for a credit counselor. This type of source is also used by our advisors. In our case, we also use the opinions of other advisors. Advisors in financial intermediaries often cooperate with advisors in banks.

Say you have a meeting with another counselor yet. The counselor then knows that his calculations and the offer prepared for you can be verified later by another counselor. Thanks to that, he will do his best to do it honestly and honestly.