Vladimir Putin and new goals for Russia

Vladimir Putin has set goals for Russia for the next six years.
The decree on the socio-economic development of Russia issued by Vladimir Putin consists of 16 points.

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Sworn in for the fourth time as president of Russia, Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the socio-economic development of Russia. It is a document that sets goals for the country’s authorities to achieve by 2024, that is, until the end of the fourth presidential term of Putin.

The decree on the socio-economic development of Russia consists of 16 recommendations for the government, which it is due to meet by 2024. A similar document was presented by Vladimir Putin in 2012 when he began his previous term.

Among the new goals set by Putin for Russia, there are, among others:

raising average life expectancy in Russia to 78 years reduction in poverty rate acceleration of technological development of the country introducing Russia to the group of five leading economies world growth rate of the country so that it is higher than the world average, keeping inflation below 4 percent. limitation of neonatal mortality is to fall to 4, 5 deaths per 1,000 births increase in exports of medical services to USD 1 billion annually leading Russia to the top 10 countries in terms of quality of education higher acceleration of housing construction (12 million sq m annually) improvement of regional road quality and reduction of road fatalities rate creation of international centers Mathematical increase of expenditure on the development of the digital economy, the achievement by Russian non-sovereign export would reach by 2024 the value of 250 billion dollars ditch per year.