Tips for business for student

Studies are the time of studying and preparing to take a full-time job. Not everyone, however, follows this path. Instead of waiting for a job offer, they take matters into their own hands as early as during their studies and try their hand at business. What activity can be reconciled with science and at the same time not spend a lot of money.


Many people remember their struggles with the preparations for the final exams, they decide to help younger colleagues who are just before or during these struggles. This business idea often helps to greatly improve the budget of many students.

Organization of events

During the studies, the student organizes the event. Therefore, it is good to use this experience in your own business. The organization of various meetings such as Language meeting or Speed ​​dating can bring significant income. However, there are many such ideas for events. Just check what the local community is really interested in at the time.

A point with lemonade

When the heat is pouring from the sky, there is nothing better than cold lemonade. The idea of ​​a business known from many American films can certainly be transferred to Polish soil. His biggest advantage is simplicity and very low financial expenses.

Bartender for rent

Sometimes, at the party, most students will learn how to create the perfect drink. Using your knowledge, you can run your own business. It is enough to invest in basic equipment, which is necessary to carry out the tasks assigned. For many companies organizing events is a very beneficial alternative to employing a bartender permanently, primarily for financial reasons.

Photocopying in the dorm

Despite the development of technology, paper notes still have a lot of supporters. However, not every student can afford a printer. This contributes to frequent visits of photocopier points. A large proportion of students live very close to the university itself, therefore linking these two facts may contribute to the creation of their own business.

A job agency for students

Being a student, the issues that are important to students are best understood. During the studies, when organizing many events, many people from HR departments of the company meet. Thanks to this it is easy to start cooperation by connecting companies with students.

Organization of canoe trips

Canoeing is an increasingly popular tourist element of every region. It is a business for people who love to swim and meet new people. Although the cost of purchase is not the smallest, you can certainly expect a lot of interest in such a service.


Puckers are often found in Latin America. In other countries, however, it is a very rare business and this is where its greatest advantage lies. A small number of competitors can contribute to rapid success.

Hostess agency

Organization of many important events requires proper setting. Here is the role of hostesses who should take care of the client. Such an agency can be created with the help of close friends, where some of them can become just hostesses.

Translation of texts

In the period of globalization and continuous expansion of companies, it is necessary to contact many representatives from abroad. However, not everyone knows a foreign language, which is why translators are often used. Due to the lack of necessary permits for this type of translation, it is an ideal business idea for students who are a good alternative to more expensive professional translators.