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Overview: Meb’s Tweets of the Week
Questions sent to Meb’s Twitter account
1:45 – Welcome listeners and Meb explains HQ to Jeff (referral code ATCFaber)
3:05 – Thank you for the listener support
4:15 – New podcast app Breaker to check out
5:09 – Travel update: Meb in Austin, Chicago, Greece, Italy, Ritholtz Cruise
6:20 – Let us know if we need to save Tweets of the Week now that Storify is shutting down
6:54 – The Stay Rich Portfolio
10:50 – What’s a consumer to do when even the safest portfolio runs the risk of losing 25%
11:52 – Paul Merriman Podcast Episode
13:33 – Meb’s favorite alternative asset class
14:25 – Tweets on buybacks and congressional ideas to restrict them
15:49 – The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success – Thorndike
21:49 – Sponsor: Inspirato
23:03 – Tweets on volatility clustering
23:18 – “Where The Black Swans Hide And The Ten Best Days Myth” – Faber
24:29 – Does this volatility mean anything for market direction
25:52 – Robinhood tweet on going up or going down
28:41 – Tweets on Gabelli filing an ETF for companion pets
32:39 – Call-in question: How do you avoid making a hasty call when markets are volatile?
36:33 – Twitter question: Owning a home as an investment
36:39 – Elroy Dimson Podcast Episode
40:40 – Argument for renting
41:40 – Write-in question: What’s a reasonable timeframe to evaluate an investing strategy
42:11 – Vanguard study on people data-mining the past
44:55 – If a strategy can underperform for 10 years, is it still viable
45:44 – Any strategies that have just completely petered out
47:59 – Twitter question: Country valuation influenced by sector structure?
52:17 – Why value is the driver of dividend funds looking good
52:29 – Twitter question: What is the industry responsibility to educate people on target date funds
56:49 – Twitter question: How Renaissance Technology does so well when others fizzle out
59:44 – Is there a part of the market that is under-represented in terms of ability to invest in
1:01:12 – Howard Lindzon Podcast Episode
1:03:40 – “Where Have All The Sharpe Ratios (Over 1) Gone?” – Faber
1:04:26 – Twitter question: Is there a reason to avoid Russia?