Analyze investment portfolio

Portfolio analysis involves the construction of a stock portfolio. Includes many market analysis tools. This method shows us how to select and combine financial products by reducing risk. Often in the case of falling prices of one company is accompanied by a rise in prices of the second company, ie negative correlation. Companies correlated negatively […]


You are a shareholder of the company

A shareholder owns the company’s assets. Has rights and duties. The right to participate in a company’s profits is when the company has made a profit in a given year. The shareholders’ meeting decides how to use the money, can invest it or pay out a dividend. The right of pre-emption to the new shares […]


Manage your financial risk

Money management is always associated with risk. You can learn to limit your investment risk. The company’s financial and operational risk is when the company does not make a profit. The operating activity relates to sales, production and employees and the financial activity concerns loans and investments. Interest rate risk is when central banks set […]


Investing in gold

The popularity of investing in gold usually increases with the price of gold and decreases with it. After more than four years, the precious metals are slowly returning to investors’ favor. First, we have to answer in what form we want to buy gold. We have gold bars and bars as well as bullion coins, […]


Choose the best companies

Regardless of what you do and how you use the tools, it will always be a forecast. An attempt to predict the future based on historical data and current events. When are shares cheap? The course itself will not tell you whether these actions are cheap. You can tell by comparing the current course with […]