Negotiations on the European Union are underway

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, is not ready to accept the proposal of the European Commission regarding the EU budget. This version is much more modest than what the EP assumed. Tajani promises that he will defend his current position. Negotiations on the EU budget are underway. The proposal put forward by […]


Emirates Airlines is very profitable

Emirates Airlines ended the financial year on March 31 with a profit of $ 762 million. (AED 2.8 billion). That is 124 percent. more than at the end of March 2017. Revenues increased to 25.2 billion dollars. (92.3 billion AED). During the year they transported 58.5 billion passengers. During the year, the carrier increased its […]


The stay rich portfolio

Listen podcast Links from the Episode: Overview: Meb’s Tweets of the Week Questions sent to Meb’s Twitter account 1:45 – Welcome listeners and Meb explains HQ to Jeff (referral code ATCFaber) 3:05 – Thank you for the listener support 4:15 – New podcast app Breaker to check out 5:09 – Travel update: Meb in Austin, […]


The asset allocation pyramid

Listen podcast Links from the Episode: 1:45 – Welcome and two announcements from Meb 2:04 – Most of Meb’s books are now free! 2:38 – Make sure you go to and get money that is being held in state government coffers 4:17 – The Investment Pyramid 4:30 – The old Food Pyramid 6:37 – […]


Manage your financial risk

Money management is always associated with risk. You can learn to limit your investment risk. The company’s financial and operational risk is when the company does not make a profit. The operating activity relates to sales, production and employees and the financial activity concerns loans and investments. Interest rate risk is when central banks set […]


How to find a good job?

Everyday someone is looking for a job but every day an employee is looking for a job. To find a good paid job you need to think non-standard. Employers get huge amounts of documents on their desks. They will select those candidates who stand out from others. Think about what industry you are good at […]


How does bitcoin work?

There are many electronic payment options available. Digital currency is different from traditional bank transactions. Bitcoin is a digital currency of the future that provides anonymity and fast payment. You can not forge or print such a coin. Bitcoin is resistant to inflation and manipulation. It is independent of the government and politicians. It has […]