When your company has too much costs

1. Modern solutions in dealing with clients Thanks to modern solutions, we currently have the ability to keep track of any changes taking place on the market. In times when time is the most valuable currency, Internet telephony, virtual switchboards and communicators allow you to maintain constant contact with customers. Video- and teleconferences give not […]


Beneficial credit for the company

Business development requires continuous investment. Available on the market hard to compare, because the conditions for corporate loans are individual and different for individual businesses. The conditions for the loan depend on the purpose for which we will use the loan. Especially if we are trying to get a higher amount, the bank will require […]


Company annouces bankruptcy

Any company operating on the market is at risk of bankruptcy. Periodic insolvency can happen to anyone. But it can take a very dangerous form, and then the entrepreneur should know how to act and when to declare bankruptcy. Contrary to popular beliefs, big companies and small business people can be declared insolvent. The provisions […]


You are a shareholder of the company

A shareholder owns the company’s assets. Has rights and duties. The right to participate in a company’s profits is when the company has made a profit in a given year. The shareholders’ meeting decides how to use the money, can invest it or pay out a dividend. The right of pre-emption to the new shares […]


Choose the best companies

Regardless of what you do and how you use the tools, it will always be a forecast. An attempt to predict the future based on historical data and current events. When are shares cheap? The course itself will not tell you whether these actions are cheap. You can tell by comparing the current course with […]


How to prepare business for your idea?

You are planning to open a business and you do not know if it makes sense. You should write an action plan. First, summarize the activities and objectives of the project. Describe what the company is doing and what its mission and competitive advantage is. It is important to examine the market and the demand […]


How to find a good job?

Everyday someone is looking for a job but every day an employee is looking for a job. To find a good paid job you need to think non-standard. Employers get huge amounts of documents on their desks. They will select those candidates who stand out from others. Think about what industry you are good at […]