Negotiations on the European Union are underway

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, is not ready to accept the proposal of the European Commission regarding the EU budget. This version is much more modest than what the EP assumed. Tajani promises that he will defend his current position.

Negotiations on the EU budget are underway. The proposal put forward by the European Commission assumes that expenditures in 2021-2027 would be smaller, amounting to 1.14%. GNI of EU countries. This is far below the expectations of the European Parliament. As the EP president said in an interview with PAP:

We will defend our position on the EU budget, but the game is between the European Commission, the EU Member States and the EP, it is impossible to know its outcome before the end. The debate is still open.
According to Antoni Tajani, the solution is to focus on the EU’s own resources, for example from taxes and not on payments from the Member States. The EP President will put emphasis on this in further negotiations. He drew attention to the importance of the internet tax, which must be addressed. Companies from China or the US, which operate in this sector, do not pay taxes and do not create jobs, and their profits go to their home countries.

– They have to pay taxes because it is not fair to other companies, and is also very dangerous for our industry, cultural identity, for many, many sectors. We must develop solutions here – emphasized Antonio Tajani.

He also added that decisions about cohesion policy, which the EC wants to cut in the next financial perspective by 7 percent, should be considered.

– We need to know how much it will go to each country, we need to know the rules for the distribution of cohesion funds – said Tajani and added that EU countries must be solidarity not only during the negotiations on the budget.