How does bitcoin work?

There are many electronic payment options available. Digital currency is different from traditional bank transactions.

Bitcoin is a digital currency of the future that provides anonymity and fast payment. You can not forge or print such a coin. Bitcoin is resistant to inflation and manipulation. It is independent of the government and politicians. It has no human factor because it is based on mathematics and cryptography.

Transactions operate in peer to peer networks and are public but no one knows who is doing it. The transaction list is distributed between multiple sources and blocks. Bitcoin deflates because the maximum number of coins is 21 million. To create new coins, you need computers with very high computing power. The network is maintained by other users who are remunerated for handling transactions and powering their computers.

Digital money can be paid for goods and services and anyone can have any number of wallet addresses. The bitcoin value has been increasing since its inception, and is an alternative to storage of assets and investments.