10 ideas for expensive business

1. Food stylist or someone who makes sure that the food in your advertisement will reach out to you so that you can buy it, and the pizza looks like it is leaking. Food stylists work on commercials, photo sessions for newspapers, products, etc.

2. Home strager, or someone who will help you sell your apartment, and specifically before selling it will make sure it looks as attractive as possible. He will advise you on how to get rid of your home before bringing a potential buyer, what accessories to add, and even to paint the walls in a brighter color. Thanks to him, even those who can not get rid of the flat for months, eventually find a buyer.

3. Franchise is the opening of a well-known brand that has many regular customers.

4. Mobile laundry, or a washing service on the phone. In a mobile laundry, customers usually order, for example, washing a couch or a rug – it is cheaper than buying your own washing equipment, eg a special vacuum cleaner.

5. Wedding consultant – an increasingly popular profession. A wedding consultant will help you arrange all the formalities that are a lot before marriage.

6. Massage with access to the client. Such services can be provided only by someone with appropriate education – a good way to earn extra money for qualified masseurs.

7. Organization of parties for children. Not everyone can afford to hire a kinder teacher, but busy parents often have a lot of money and little time. Knowledge and experience of someone who knows what attractions will please children at a given age can be invaluable.

8. Nanny in the skies. An unusual agency for nannies that provides its services … in airplanes. Sky-borne nanny can accompany the child for a few or a dozen hours of flight, during which the toddler is usually bored.

9. Christmas tree with delivery to the door. This is a seasonal business, but for a dozen or so days in December it can give you a good income. All you need to do is have a big car – not everyone who wants to buy a live Christmas tree has the opportunity to bring it home and that’s where your business will be targeted.

10. Personal make-up artist – useful not only on important days, but also during photo sessions, so if you like and can do makeup, be sure to cooperate with good photographers and stylists.