10 ideas for cheap business

1. Placemats for mugs or glasses. The pads can be made of cork, wood, even stone.

2. Unusual bedding for dogs (from old suitcases, boxes, etc.). You will find a lot of interesting inspirations on foreign portals with handicrafts. I must admit that for a dog bed, for example from an old, stylish suitcase.

3. Phone covers from old trousers. An unusual idea of ​​the Dutch company Deadjeans. Thanks to them you can convert your favorite old jeans into a cover for a mobile phone. Creative phone case can be produced from many fabrics.

4. Ugly stuffed animals. If you think that children’s toys must be nice and cute, take a look at the Uglydolls offer. None of their toys is sweet. This idea shows that when it comes to children’s toys, you can always come up with something new.

5. Accessories and accessories from waste. If you want to sell jewelry, accessories to the apartment, accessories that will be not only nice, but also trendy, you can do them … from rubbish. Literally – for example from what you will find in a dump, shortcuts, second-hand. Car upholstery and furniture upholstery will be useful to make a wallet from them, you can make a purse from the old tropics from tents, etc. We will get the materials for a pittance, just a little creativity!

6. Hand-decorated clothes. Tailored dresses, blouses or other garments are nothing extraordinary. But you can earn money not only on sewing, but also on decorating finished items. Blouse or hat, which will add a few decorative accents, will take on a whole new character.

7. Unusual custom bouquets (from vegetables, from diapers, from candies, etc.). These types of bouquets are often ordered as a gift for a wedding, birthday or birthday party. I was captivated by the wedding bouquet from brooches.

8. Hand-painted glass. If you have talent, you can paint glass bottles, glasses, carafes, and even create paintings on glass or glass jewelry.

9. Kitchen aprons elegant or pin-up style. It is difficult to buy a kitchen apron in shops and on the Internet that would be practical and nice at the same time. This was decided by the founders of the company that sells Cookie aprons, reminiscent of stylish dresses. Why not try your hand at this business?

10. Offended mascots that … have an offended face.