We choose the best insurance adviser

An insurance agent is a person who deals with the sale of insurance. To become an agent you need to pass the course and pass the exam. A good agent is a person with a broad knowledge of insurance. Not only those that are on offer but generally available on the market. It is also […]


We choose numismatic collections

The basic distinction for a collector, even a beginner, should be whether or not we are dealing with a coin. Many medals and coins appear on the market, which look like coins but their collector value is very difficult. Often these are simply round objects that are silver or gold-plated, just like coins. If we […]


We buy works of art

The art market has recently gained an additional dimension, that is, the investment dimension. Slowly there is an offer addressed to individual investors interested in investing in this segment. Investments in art allow for additional diversification of the portfolio. According to the old stock market wisdom, investing more importantly than multiplying capital is giving up […]


Investing in gold

The popularity of investing in gold usually increases with the price of gold and decreases with it. After more than four years, the precious metals are slowly returning to investors’ favor. First, we have to answer in what form we want to buy gold. We have gold bars and bars as well as bullion coins, […]


Investing in old cars

There are wealthy people in the world, the value of their wealth grows. The demand for luxury goods such as works of classic cars are increasing. A classic car is considered to be at least 30 years old. Buying a vintage car is not only a capital investment, but it is also important for prestige. […]


Important words from financial world

stock Securities certifying that the holder (shareholder) owns a part of the assets of a public limited company. As a co-owner of a company, each shareholder has a law that does not have a temporary restriction, since the shares are issued for an indefinite period of time. Among the rights to which shares are entitled […]


Best books about finance and investing

The most popular buy books on the stock market and investing  1.Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck 2. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki 3. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham 4. The Millionaire Next Door – Cotter Smith 5. The Book on Rental Property Investing – Brandon R Turner […]


Analyze investment portfolio

Portfolio analysis involves the construction of a stock portfolio. Includes many market analysis tools. This method shows us how to select and combine financial products by reducing risk. Often in the case of falling prices of one company is accompanied by a rise in prices of the second company, ie negative correlation. Companies correlated negatively […]

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