Oil prices in the United States are too high

Oil prices in the United States are above $ 71 a barrel, and the end of the week will be the second in oil for prices to rise. The situation in the Middle East has become complicated, which raises concerns about the risk of disrupting the supply of raw materials. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) […]


Warren Buffett featured books

1. Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham Book from which every text about Buffett’s books begins. This classic publication from 1949 focuses on investing based on fundamental analysis and long-term strategies. Warren Buffett read the book for the first time when he was 19 years old. He often said that this book gave him the basis […]


Warren Buffett investment rules

1. The right people in your environment Warren Buffett often emphasizes the role played by his idols. It is thanks to them that he achieved success. In an interview for the magazine “University of Nebraska Business Magazine”, he mentions that when it comes to idols, he was quite lucky from the beginning: I was lucky […]


The Truth About Blockchain

Welcome to Blockchain Month on Breaking Banks – the first global fintech podcast! On today’s show, Brett and David Birch host Michael J Casey and Wall Street Journal’s Paul Vigna, talking their new book The Truth Machine: Blockchain and the Future of Everything. Also returning is Bill Bardhyt to talk about the latest developments in […]


Blockchain Helping Humanity

On today’s show, we see if the latest developments in Blockchain live up to the hype of solving real world problems like inequality, access to basic financial services and identity schemas. Returning to the show is Brock Pierce of the Bitcoin Foundaiton and EOS, Crystal Rose from Sensay and Alex Lightman


Shark Tank

Show Notes 3:12 – (First Question) – getting a flywheel business going 4:49 – Brett’s background and how that led to the formation of Ladder 7:58 – Breakdown of the product 9:29 – The sign-up process 10:29 – Key problem for each party of the ladder transaction 12:34 – Diving deeper into the problem of […]


The Crypto Landscape

Show Notes 2:12 – (First question) – How to teach someone else to build an investing philosophy around crypto 4:00 – The major risk factors to investing in crypto 6:28 – best practices for mitigating risk 7:39 – What factors to think about when it comes to whether a token will lose all value or […]


The stay rich portfolio

Listen podcast Links from the Episode: Overview: Meb’s Tweets of the Week Questions sent to Meb’s Twitter account 1:45 – Welcome listeners and Meb explains HQ to Jeff (referral code ATCFaber) 3:05 – Thank you for the listener support 4:15 – New podcast app Breaker to check out 5:09 – Travel update: Meb in Austin, […]


The asset allocation pyramid

Listen podcast Links from the Episode: 1:45 – Welcome and two announcements from Meb 2:04 – Most of Meb’s books are now free! 2:38 – Make sure you go to and get money that is being held in state government coffers 4:17 – The Investment Pyramid 4:30 – The old Food Pyramid 6:37 – […]


Elements of succes on the stock market

Self-investment of your savings on the stock market is a big challenge for the investor and in the initial phase not every new investor realizes it. This is particularly true for the forward market participants where the leverage offered, and thus the investment risk, is much larger than on the spot market. The effectiveness of […]

Factors affecting the price

Rules for investing on the market

Demand and supply on the market